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Lip Enhancement

Hyaluronic Acid is added into the skin to revive the collagen and promote a fresher, plumper effect!  

The human body creates hyaluronic acid naturally so it is almost impossible to have an allergic reaction. 

Its structure is to attract water and keep skin hydrated, plump and youthful.

As a natural sugar found in the body hyaluronic acid is one of the most hydrating substances found in the world.

100% hyaluronic acid lasts 3-6 months!

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A few things to consider before booking your appointment:

~ You cannot have open sores or wounds.

~You have to wait at least 2 months if you have previously had other fillers 

~You cannot get in heat, sweat or workout for 72 hours.

~You cannot share a syringe with someone. NO EXCEPTIONS

~ Yes you may swell.

~Yes you may bruise.

~Yes you ma bleed a tiny bit.

~ No it is not applied with a needle. the filler is injection with an air pressurized pen.

Can I workout or go in the the sun after my procedure?

No, you must wait a minimum of 72 hours before swearing or overheating or you run 

 the risk of losing the effect all together.

I am going on vacation, will I be ok or should I wait until after?

If you are going on vacation and will be in a warm climate it is highly recommended you wait until after, You also might bruise and swell and alcohol will make you swell more if you are planning on drinking.

Can I receive a Hyaluron Pen Service if I am pregnant? No it is highly advised against to receive any cosmetic procedures due to the risk of infection. Your body also reacts differently to things when you are pregnant for various reasons and may have an adverse reaction