220 Main St, Avon-by-the-Sea, New Jersey 07717


FAITH ~ 0wner/senior stylist

(Formally employed at Salon On Main in Belmar)

Born in New Jersey and trained in New York, Faith has been in the industry for 23+ years. As a little girl she had her hands in anything hair related, as she strived to follow in her mothers footsteps. She made her way to NYC in 1993 where she found herself signing up for cosmetology school. That was the beginning of the rest of her life.

After spending the next 23 years in NYC, she decided that it was time to come home. Fortunate enough to have learned a lot about the business from some of the best professionals, she finally decided that she knew the exact type of hair salon that she wanted to be a part of. At that very moment she realized the only way that was going to happen was to open her own and bring her visions to life. Here at Shag you can expect quality service, in place where you will feel at home. 

Whether its a blunt bob, an extreme change of hair color or adding dramatic length, she does it all. 

"I cant decide on which area of hair design I love the most any easier then I can decide if its a skirt or jeans kind of day. I just love it all" ~ Faith